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We hope and pray we will be back having fun in no time!

Keep checking back!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Old Oak Ranch is not able to hold camps now or for the foreseeable future.  Our camp relies on camp revenue during our camping season to sustain our operations, and the summer camping season is the most critical.  Like many businesses, services, events, ministries, and the like, the future is very uncertain on when Old Oak Ranch will be able to resume its camping operations.  We tried to hold on for as long as we could, despite retaining significant financial losses as we held hope for a quick reopening, but with no foreseeable end to the impact of COVID-19 on Old Oak Ranch’s camping operations, we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily close Old Oak Ranch.  While we do not know whether we will be able to have our 2021 summer camping season, we are committed to opening back up when we have clearance to do so and have the ability to run successful camping operations with appropriate safety guidelines.  We mourn with so many suffering so many losses due to COVID-19, and we count ourselves among those as our camp employees are now without jobs, and many people that would have enjoyed the camp and all it provides will miss out on that experience.  We covet your prayers.

Physical Location:

Old Oak Ranch

15250 Old Oak Ranch

Sonora, Ca 95370

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Old Oak Ranch
P.O. Box 21746
Bakersfield, CA 93390