(10 Months)

This Mathétés Internship is a 10-month discipleship program for young adults who desire to pursue God’s call on their lives for ministry. Mathétés interns gain valuable skills that will benefit them in any work place (management opportunities, CPR/First Aid Certification, Food Safety Certification, and much more) but more importantly, Mathétés interns will receive valuable lessons in spiritual disciplines that will prepare them to be the next generation of leaders in ministry. In addition to working at Old Oak Ranch, our interns also participate in a variety of Missions opportunities throughout the year. Interns are also encouraged to take college courses and may be eligible to receive partial or full scholarships for schooling at approved colleges. The Mathétés Internship is open to young adults who have graduated high school and are willing to commit their hearts and minds to the plan God has for their future.


Recommended ages: 18-25 (high school completion)
Details: Room and board is provided in addition to a stipend.


(10 Weeks)

This summer Mathétés Internship is a 10-week program designed to challenge and inspire radical growth in young adults through servanthood. This internship is open to high school students entering their Junior or Senior year who want to devote their summer to experiencing spiritual growth and personal development. Mathétés interns will receive valuable training that will be beneficial in any work place such as working in customer service and hospitality. They are also responsible for leading younger interns. Mathétés interns are closely mentored and encouraged by other believers in order to discover their calling, nurture their gifts, and challenge their weaknesses. Mathétés interns are a vital part of how our campus serves the thousands of individuals coming to discover God’s love. Are you ready to make an impact?


Recommended ages: 18-21
Details: Room and board is provided in addition to a small stipend.


(4 Weeks)

This Mathétés Internship is a 4-week program designed for high school students who want to discover their identity in Christ. Through mentorship and training, Mathétés interns are exposed to behind the scenes work in ministry. Mathétés interns work hard, earn valuable work experience, and make some incredible memories along the way. Mathétés interns make close connections to other interns creating a priceless network of believers which become like family. The love, encouragement, and growth that these interns experience is something they carry with them into their relationships, academics, and personal life. This internship is the perfect opportunity to rise to the challenges of life and combat them with faith and dedication to God.


Recommended ages: 15-17
Details: Room and Board is provided in addition to a small stipend.



Old Oak Ranch



Please fill out the Intern Application download here and send to or fax to 209-533-8576!



Please have your pastor and at least 2 personal recommendations fill out the forms below and send to or fax to 209-533-8576!

(Must have at least 2)


Please fill out the interest form below once you have completed steps 1 & 2.


This process gives room for the Intern Coordinator to explain in-depth answers from the Old Oak Ranch application & handbook. This process brings forward clarity for both parties to establish clear expectations of the essence of being an intern, therefore, allowing a deeper relationship between the Coordinator and the intern before their arrival. The process allows for an open space and environment for both parties to ask questions and get informed before joining our team! 

  1. Are you currently in a committed relationship? If so, what is your definition of a committed relationship?

2. What is your work ethic? What does hard work look like to you?

3. How do you deal with conflict?

4. Do you think that having an exclusive relationship with the opposite sex is acceptable at Old Oak Ranch (refer to handbook)?

5. Are you physically able to work on a ropes course (you may need to lift items that are 30 lb or more & you may be placed on platforms that are 40 ft high)?  

6. Are you willing to be teachable? (There are some opportunities at Old Oak Ranch that require courage and for you to step out of your comfort zone)?

7. What are your strengths?

8. What are your weaknesses?

9. How do you expect to grow through the course of this internship?

10. Do you have any questions for us?